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Episode 5 - Using Healthcare Real Estate to Provide Affordable Healthcare

What is the point of giving a $5,000 deductible when they make less than $20 an hour? Trisha’s guest today believes there is no point. Dr. David Berg is the Chairman and Co-founder of Redirect Health, a healthcare company that utilizes an innovative platform, allowing the flexibility for the user to get what they want while providing affordable healthcare. David spent years looking for an affordable healthcare company for his employees to use before he finally decided to start a healthcare company of his own. He believes that just because someone has a sickness, they do not have to be a patient. His goal is to take the guesswork out of healthcare and make sure his members never have to become patients!

In this episode, we talk about…

  • What inspired David to create Redirect Health
  • Differences between members and patients
  • Looking for opportunities to eliminate unnecessary spending in healthcare
  • Collecting data helps anticipate needs, obstacles, and availability
  • Deploying a system that collaborates with different divisions of healthcare
  • Virtualizing a better brick and mortar imagined experience
  • Using free healthcare to attract employees
  • Strategy to approach buying a bigger building than is needed
  • Turning a capability into a nationwide business

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Redirect Health:
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