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Episode 6 - Using Healthcare Real Estate to Provide Affordable Healthcare - Part 2

Overnight, the world changed. The pandemic has changed things from safe to unsafe, certain to uncertain. It is up to those in the healthcare industry to make sure proper healthcare will always be consistent. Dr. David Berg is the Chairman and Co-founder of Redirect Health, a healthcare company that utilizes a self-funding platform, allowing the flexibility for the user to get what they want while providing affordable healthcare. Redirect health is able to use its real estate as a financial tool as well as technology investments to continue to enhance its operations. Their goal is to help employers and employees not have to buy insurance!

In this episode, we talk about…

  • The goal is to not have to buy health insurance
  • Having a virtual system in place to prepare for situations like the pandemic
  • Moms with a medical degree already know all of this
  • Major flaws in the traditional healthcare model right now
  • Hospitals can charge whatever they want and still sue the patient
  • Eliminating the unnecessary spending in education and healthcare
  • Being an innovative leader comes down to the desire for leadership
  • Businesses with high-stakes workforces must access to affordable and easy healthcare

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