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Episode 19 - Simplifying Development to Enhance Healthcare Brands

If healthcare real estate was easy, everybody would do it, but that doesn’t mean we can’t try to make it as simple as possible. Trisha’s guest today is John Pollock, CEO of Meridian, a full-service investor and developer in the healthcare real estate industry. John’s team redevelops outpatient properties that improve branding and outpatient access to care while also building from the ground up. It’s John and Meridian’s ultimate goal to simplify development in order to enhance healthcare brands!

In this episode, we talk about…

  • History of Meridian and how it got to where it is today
  • The 2008 recession forced Meridian to get intimate with their customers
  • Meridian focuses on outpatient care as an investor and developer
  • John’s team works to make their clients’ lives easier
  • Key ingredients that Meridian looks for in properties that it pursues
  • Solutions that Meridian provides to simplify development
  • Meridian’s newest project in Phoenix and why it was attractive
  • Architectural hoops that Meridian needed to jump through in the Phoenix project
  • Level of importance assigned to the distance of hospitals
  • Join-ventures are definitely on the table for Meridian
  • How Meridian has responded to the challenges presented by COVID
  • The future of healthcare because of the pandemic
  • Meridian is very busy with new projects right now

Links to resources:

Atlas Shrugged

John Pollock, CEO of Meridian

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