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Episode 9- Physical Therapy for All to Recover, Prevent Pain and Function Better (Part 2)

Health and wellness are both important aspects of the healthcare industry, but why do we value one so much more than the other? Tom Long, PT, from Above and Beyond Physical Therapy in Phoenix, Arizona, is back for part 2 of his interview. As an experienced physical therapist, Tom knows what it takes to truly be well and healthy. He believes that if the medical community can focus on wellness along with health, every patient can live a healthy lifestyle!

In this episode, we talk about…

  • One thing that is wrong with small providers
  • Recommendations to life a healthy lifestyle on a daily basis
  • The biggest change that is needed in the healthcare system
  • Getting to know Tom and why he is the way he is
  • It’s more about the journey itself than the starting point
  • Not knowing the answer is better than faking it

Links to resources:

Where Men Win Glory
The Infinite Game

Tom Long, PT, Above and Beyond Physical Therapy
Phoenix Office: 602-866-2231
Queen Creek Office: 480-987-1870

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