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Episode 10: Partnering with Physicians

Bridging the gap between healthcare real estate and healthcare workers, such as physicians, is important in making sure the industry runs with harmony from top to bottom. Trisha’s guest today is Vance Marshall, a principle of VJ Properties Inc. VJ Properties Inc is a real estate investment company that focuses mostly on industrial and medical real estate. They have separated themselves from other investors with their creativity in their real estate investments and adaptability to the market.

In this episode, we talk about…

  • The story behind the Fountain Hills Rehab Center
  • Presenting to physicians and how to get them all on the same page
  • Developing a 50,000-square-foot so physicians can stay near a hospital
  • Dealing with residential zoning cases around the hospital
  • Describing the investors that VJ Properties works with
  • Manufacturers have to keep their reputation intact with suppliers and customers

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Vance Marshall:

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