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EP36 - Offering Healthcare a One Stop Shop for Strategy to Construction with Ann Duginske Cibulka

Trisha’s guest today is Ann Duginske Cibulka, Director of Real Estate Development at Ryan Companies US. Ryan Companies is a family-owned business that started as a general contractor and has since become a developer that is involved in a variety of commercial real estate industries. Our episode today focuses on Ryan’s healthcare real estate services that offer large healthcare companies and hospitals a one-stop shop real estate partner to strategize, design, build, and manage a healthcare facility. Ann shares Ryan’s story and outlook on the healthcare real estate market.

In this episode, we talk about…

  • [02:49] A brief history of Ryan Companies and its healthcare real estate services
  • [04:32] What Ryan looks for in a healthcare property to partner with
  • [07:30] Ryan’s competitive advantage
  • [09:42] Working with a cross-functional team and outside A&E firms
  • [11:15] Parts of the country where the healthcare real estate sector is seeing growth
  • [12:39] Ryan’s approach to joint real estate ventures
  • [14:34] Opportunities that Ryan offers after the development of a project
  • [15:25] Ann’s experience at Ryan so far
  • [16:17] Ryan’s goals for the next three-to-five years
  • [19:59] Making real estate decisions based on your operational goal
  • [22:06] Helping clients solve real estate-related problems arising from COVID-19
  • [26:25] Ann’s promise to clients as a real estate advisor
  • [29:02] Fun facts about Ann

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