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Episode 20 - Investing in the Future of Healthcare Delivery and Demand

In an industry that shifts and pivots as often as healthcare, those in the industry must always be looking towards the future in their quest to meet demand. Trisha’s guest today is Ann Atkinson, Founder and CEO of Care Property Investors. Ann has mediated over $16B in medical office property transactions throughout her career. She founded CARE with the goal of acquiring and operating healthcare facilities that utilize data-driven analytics to accommodate the future of healthcare trends!

In this episode, we talk about…

  • Ann has been inspired by her past teams to start Care Property Investors
  • CARE acts as a partner to its tenants, but not everyone is always on board
  • As a privately-owned company, CARE’s acquisition criteria is unique
  • Aging demographics and population act as trend drivers in the healthcare industry
  • Where the future of healthcare lies after a global pandemic
  • Acquisitions don’t always go smoothly; there is usually a gap in details
  • CARE is aiming to be at the top of the healthcare real estate investment game
  • Content is available in such a wide variety via audible sources

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Ann Atkinson, Founder and CEO of Care Property Investors

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