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Episode 01 - Managing Coronavirus

Whether it has to do with patients or staff, the medical field is in a period of massive change. It is the obligation of all medical practices to do whatever they can to curb the spread while continuing to look after patients and staff. In today’s episode, Trisha interviews 5 guests about their respective thoughts on COVID-19 and how they are responding to the changes in their practices and community. This is a situation that is affecting people all over the world. As medical professionals respond and prepare for the future, they in turn help ease the fear of the unknown!

In this episode, we talk about…

  • There’s a moral obligation to continue taking care of all patients remotely
  • Continue to live a healthy and balanced life during the pandemic
  • Negative effects on the global community from COVID-19
  • Accommodation steps to take in order to calm fears and remain flexible
  • How to react to The Great Lockdown, an unprecedented situation
  • Telemedicine is allowing care providers to see patients while maintaining a safe distance
  • Dentistry has been heavily affected, but many things remain the same

Links to resources:
Dr. Nikesh Seth, CEO and Medical Director of Integrated Pain Consultants
Tom Long, Owner of Above and Beyond Physical Therapy
Pete Bolton, President of the Pete Bolton Company
Dr. Miriam Levering, Doctor of Nursing Practice, The Healing House
Dr. Beth Vander Schaaf and Dr. Roy Howard, Smile Arizona Dentistry

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