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EP88 - Top Listened to Investor Interviews of 2021

This week’s episode of the Providers, Properties and Performance podcast features a few minutes from the most listened to investor episodes of 2021.  You will hear from Patrick Wathen, a two part episode with the Senior VP of Equity, Ben Ochs, CEO of Anchor Health Properties, Ann Duginske Cibulka, Director of Real Estate Development, Healthcare at Ryan Companies and David Moises, Director of Investments at Flagler Healthcare Investments. Thank you for joining me for today’s episode.

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This episode features…

[1:16] Episode 47: Constantly Learning to Add More Value with Physicians with Patrick Wathen, Senior VP of Equity

Patrick Wathen is the Senior VP at Equity, a full-service commercial real estate firm headquartered in Columbus, Ohio with various offices nationwide and transacting in even more markets. We learn about how Equity got started, its path into the healthcare real estate asset class, and some of the philosophy behind Patrick’s leadership style.

Check out episode 47 here.

[6:56] Episode 39: Cultivating Innovation to Develop, Manage and Invest in Healthcare Properties (Part 1) with Ben Ochs

Ben Ochs is the CEO of Anchor Health Properties, a national, full-service development and management company devoted exclusively to the development of medical facilities. Listen in as Ben provides the background of the company and the story behind a couple of recent projects and what Anchor Health looks for in an opportunity.

Check out episode 39 here.

[12:59] Episode 40: Cultivating Innovation to Develop, Manage and Invest in Healthcare Properties (Part 2) with Ben Ochs

This episode continues the conversation with Ben Ochs.

Check out episode 40 here.

[19:13] Episode 36: Offering Healthcare a One Stop Shop for Strategy to Construction with Ann Duginske Cibulka

Ann Duginske Cibulka is the Director of Real Estate Development at Ryan Companies US. Ryan Companies is a family-owned business that started as a general contractor and has since become a developer that is involved in a variety of commercial real estate industries. Our episode today focuses on Ryan’s healthcare real estate services that offer large healthcare companies and hospitals a one-stop shop real estate partner to strategize, design, build, and manage a healthcare facility. Ann shares Ryan’s story and outlook on the healthcare real estate market.

Check out episode 36 here.

[25:15] Episode 64: Analyzing Health Outcomes to Drive Geographic Focus with David Moises

David Moises, Director of Investments with Flagler Healthcare Investments,  shares how Flagler uses a very data-driven approach to investing in healthcare.  They analyze the health outcomes of a population and then focus on the real estate to support the healthcare industry in that location.

Check out episode 64 here.

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Patrick Wathen: Equity 

Ben Ochs: Anchor Health Properties

Ann Duginske Cibulka: Ryan Companies 

David Moises: Flagler Healthcare Investments 

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