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EP79 - Annoucing Doc Properties

This week’s episode is to announce the official launch of DOCPROPERTIES, a healthcare real estate investment firm. We are here to help healthcare practices and investors collaborate on maximizing the economic benefit of owning healthcare properties, positioning medical properties to produce cash flow, and maximizing the returns upon sale.  We feel by helping healthcare practices on the financial side of owning the real estate where they operate, and providing strategies for managing occupancy costs, DOCPROPERTIES enables practices to better focus on providing quality care.

We look forward to strategic relationships with service providers and capital partners in Arizona.  We will be announcing our strategic partnership with a company I’m very excited to work together with. We will provide clients with services from acquisition, through ownership, to the sale of their healthcare properties, with leasing, property management, construction management, and development services.

Please check us out at or call 602-341-3840.  My email is and I very much look forward to hearing from you.

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