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EP51 - Lowering the Cost of Care for Hospitals, Patients and Offering Investment Opportunities to Physicians with Aric Burke

Trisha’s guest today is Aric Burke, CEO of Atlas Healthcare Partners. Atlas owns and operates ambulatory surgery centers together with Banner Health through its markets. We talk about the ASC’s role in the healthcare ecosystem as well as Atlas’s business model. Atlas not only offers a convenient location for its patients and a lower cost of care for both the hospital and the patient, but also allows the physicians a convenient way to perform cases and gives that same convenience to the entrepreneurial investors in terms of managing both operations and the real estate.

In this episode, we talk about…

  • [02:30] Aric on Atlas’s background
  • [04:06] A primer on Ambulatory Surgery Centers (ASCs)
  • [11:08] The advantages of giving ownership of the centers to surgeons
  • [12:27] Atlas’s growth strategy
  • [13:22] Key ingredients of an attractive site for Atlas
  • [14:56] How Atlas decides whether to build and develop their own properties
  • [18:51] Managing input from physicians on the operation of ASCs
  • [20:26] How ASCs got started
  • [21:34] How Aric sees the growth of the ASC market in the next five-to-ten years
  • [23:32] Aric’s first job
  • [24:33] What Aric would be doing for a living if he were not a leader in healthcare
  •  [25:20] What Aric is reading right now for news, information, and inspiration
  • [26:17] One thing that Aric does every day for healthy self-care
  • [26:56] Are leaders born or trained?

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Aric Burke: Atlas Healthcare Partners | LinkedIn

Delivering Happiness (book)

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