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EP48 - Top Listened to Clinicians Interviews from 2020

With the one-year anniversary of the Providers Properties and Performance Podcast on the horizon, our next three episodes will bring Season One to an end by featuring short clips from the most listened-to interviews of 2020.

In this episode, we feature clinicians who share their stories as entrepreneurs in private practice and healers in their healthcare specialty. They speak of their experience in owning or leasing their office space, using it either as a financial tool, as a strategic tool to help them access their patients, or both.

Tune in next week as we showcase the top five interviews with healthcare real estate investors from 2020.

Listen in as we feature snippets from…

  • [02:44] …episode 21, where we hear from Dr. John Shufeldt, a serial private practice healthcare entrepreneur and founder of MeMD, a virtual medical and behavioral health company. He shares his vision for the future of healthcare discussing how artificial intelligence and using blockchain technology for electronic medical records are the next steps in innovating care delivery.
  • [09:58] …episode 7, where we hear from Kip Edwards, the former VP of Facilities Services at Banner Health and now Principal Healthcare Consultant at Luster National. He shares how the largest healthcare provider in Arizona increased its footprint of hospitals, medical office buildings, and urgent care centers in order to meet the demands of its growth.
  • [16:05] …episode 8, where we hear from Tom Long, owner of Above & Beyond Physical Therapy. He shares his story as a clinician and an entrepreneur and his pandemic experience as both.
  • [22:28] …episode 12, where we hear from Dr. Miriam Levering, Nurse Practitioner at Healing House, which offers family practices services on a monthly subscription or fee-per-service basis. They also offer Eastern therapies to integrate with their Western therapies, into which Dr. Levering does a deep dive in this conversation.
  • [28:44] …episode 4, where we hear from Dr. Cheri Dersam of Integrative Medicine of Arizona. She offers integrative and functional medical healthcare services in order to understand and treat why our bodies are not feeling well in addition to diagnosing and healing what is

Links to resources:

Dr. John Shufeldt: MeMD | LinkedIn

Kip Edwards: Banner Health | LinkedIn

Tom Long:

Above & Beyond Physical Therapy | LinkedIn

Dr. Miriam Levering: Healing House

Dr. Cheri Dersam:

Integrative Medicine of Arizona | LinkedIn


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