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EP47 - Constantly Learning to Add More Value with Physicians with Patrick Wathen, Senior VP of Equity

Trisha’s guest today is Patrick Wathen, Senior VP at Equity, a full-service commercial real estate firm headquartered in Columbus, Ohio with various offices nationwide and transacting in even more markets. We learn about how Equity got started, its path into the healthcare real estate asset class, and some of the philosophy behind Patrick’s leadership style.

In this episode, we talk about…

  • [02:20] Equity’s background and its path into the healthcare real estate asset class
  • [04:40] The difference in investing in healthcare real estate vs other asset classes
  • [07:27] Working with tenants who are private practice physicians
  • [12:33] How Equity operates with its multi-office setup
  • [15:58] What Equity looks for in a healthcare property to invest in
  • [18:33] Working with Trisha and why Patrick had been looking for a site in Arizona
  • [24:59] How the pandemic has impacted Equity’s vision for the next five years
  • [29:54] Patrick’s first job
  • [32:25] What Patrick would be doing for a living if he were not in the healthcare real estate industry
  • [35:16] What Patrick is reading right now for news, information, and inspiration
  • [37:38] One thing that Patrick does every day for healthy self-care
  • [39:20] Are leaders born or trained?

Links to resources:

Patrick Wathen: Equity | LinkedIn

The Better Angels of Our Nature (book)

Doing Business by the Good Book (book)

The Pioneers (book)


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