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EP45 - Innovative Technologies and The New Healthcare Economy with Robin Farmanfarmaian (Part 2 of 2)

Trisha continues her conversation with Robin Farmanfarmaian, a keynote public speaker and an entrepreneur that has invested in several healthcare technology startup companies. Last week, we touched on cutting-edge technologies in the medical office space that are and will change healthcare delivery and care. This week, we focus on how private practice physicians can use different marketing methods and become a thought leader in their field to use for lead generation and awareness in the new healthcare economy. Robin shares with us examples of how physicians can set themselves apart as healthcare consumerism increases.

In this episode, we talk about…

  • [03:44] How smarter consumers will shape the new healthcare economy
  • [07:29] The value of being a thought leader in building a brand for private practice physicians in the new healthcare economy
  • [10:17] Why medical practices and doctors need to spend on advertising and marketing today
  • [12:21] How specialists can create multiple revenue streams
  • [15:42] Why the sky’s the limit when it comes to building a brand in the new healthcare economy
  • [17:45] How one anesthesiologist is making more money from his side project, online courses, than he is from his actual practice
  • [20:23] The vital importance of knowing your customer avatar
  • [21:57] Robin’s first job
  • [22:28] What Robin would be doing if she were not in the startup space
  • [23:02] What Robin is reading or listening to right now for news, information, and inspiration
  • [24:15] What Robin does every day for healthy self-care
  • [25:31] Are leaders born or trained?
  • [26:14] Robin’s ideal audience member for a keynote

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