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EP43 - A Dentist’s Journey Through Healthcare Real Estate Ownership with Dr. Rassa Abdoll

Trisha’s guest today is Dr. Rassa Abdoll, a pediatric dentist, who discusses his practice, the Center for Pediatric Dentistry located in Gilbert, Arizona. He shares his path to pediatric dentistry and his philosophy on care. Dr. Abdoll shares with us how he finally opened a new practice in his current building that he owned for several years prior. He strategically located his practice near where he lives, realizing the financial benefits of ownership. He also explains how he delegates the day-to-day ownership tasks to a professional property management company.

In this episode, we talk about… 

  • [02:42] Dr. Abdoll describes his practice and his clientele
  • [04:20] Why Dr. Abdoll chose the space that he did to build his own practice
  • [06:03] How Dr. Abdoll chose his specialty
  • [07:33] Why a child should receive dental care growing up
  • [08:43] Services that Dr. Abdoll offers
  • [10:23] Dr. Abdoll’s approach to putting kids and parents at ease at the office
  • [12:40] The latest dental technologies Dr. Abdoll is using
  • [17:27] Delegating the day-to-day property-related tasks
  • [18:51] Lessons Dr. Abdoll learned from owning his own real estate
  • [20:56] Dr. Abdoll’s first job
  • [21:20] What Dr. Abdoll would be doing for a living if he were not a pediatric dentist
  • [21:42] What Dr. Abdoll is reading right now for news, information, and inspiration
  • [22:29] One thing that Dr. Abdoll does every day for healthy self-care
  • [23:09] Is a person born with a desire to heal or is it learned through healthcare training?

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Dr. Rassa Abdoll: Center for Pediatric Dentistry | LinkedIn

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