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EP38 - Healthcare Investments in Opportunity Zones with John Gorman Part (2 of 2)

Trisha continues her conversation with John Gorman, Founder and Chairman at Nightingale Partners LLC, the first Opportunity Zone fund to invest in social determinants of health interventions with health insurers, local governments, and provider organizations. Last week, John shared his background, which began with a career in Washington. During the Clinton administration, he focused on healthcare policy for the medically-underserved, and Medicare and Medicaid-managed programs. This week, John focuses on where he anticipates primary healthcare is heading and how his company is a solution to the crisis of medically underserved communities.

In this episode, we talk about

  • [02:28] Introducing pop-up clinics to address overcapacity at nursing homes
  • [05:41] Getting ahead of the curve should another pandemic take place
  • [07:12] Nightingale Partners’ shared savings business model
  • [09:43] Offsetting diminishing savings through homelessness intervention
  • [11:23] Thoughts on the virtuous cycle of economic development
  • [13:32] John’s first job
  • [14:22] What John’s alternate career would be
  • [15:11] What John is consuming now for news, information, and inspiration
  • [19:19] One thing John does every day for healthy self-care
  • [20:12] Are leaders born or trained?
  • [24:21] John’s perspective on the work environment of the future

Links to resources:

John Gorman, Founder and Chairman of

Nightingale Partners | LinkedIn

The Orphan Master’s Son (book)

Life of Pi (book & movie)

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