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EP37 - Healthcare Investments in Opportunity Zones with John Gorman - Part (1 of 2)

Trisha’s guest today is John Gorman, Founder and Chairman at Nightingale Partners LLC, the first Opportunity Zone fund to invest in social determinants of health interventions with health insurers, local governments, and provider organizations. Over the next two episodes, John shares his background, beginning with a career in Washing-ton. During the Clinton administration, he focused on healthcare policy for the medical-ly-underserved, and medicare and medicaid-managed programs. He shares his expe-rience providing healthcare services to the poor and how he is using the opportunity zone funding to put investors and payers together to provide healthcare to vulnerable populations.

In this episode, we talk about…

  • [02:54] How to fund healthcare services for those who need them most
  • [04:43] John’s background in the healthcare field
  • [07:12] What inspired John to start Nightingale Partners?
  • [10:51] Nightingale’s goal in funding opportunity zones
  • [11:32] Addressing lack of physician availability in medically underserved areas
  • [14:21] Social determinants of health
  • [16:54] How the Biden administration will usher in a “golden age of health equity”
  • [18:31] How the government aims to gain the trust of minorities
  • [19:42] Other important pieces of legislations such as medicare and medicaid
  • [22:45] The biggest thing government can do to assist underserved communities
  • [24:30] How Nightingale Partners funds healthcare services for opportunity zones

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