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EP35: Teaming up with Providers for Successful Investing with guest Dan Klein

Healthcare might be the most rapidly-shifting industry during the global pandemic. In order to keep up, healthcare real estate investors must stay adaptable. Trisha’s guest today is Dan Klein, Executive VP and CIO at Physicians Realty Trust (PRT), a REIT that focuses solely on healthcare real estate. Through effective coordination both within the company and with clients, PRT has been successful in building a portfolio of 200 properties!

In this episode, we talk about…

  • Physicians Realty Trust’s (PRT) creation and journey
  • How leadership decided to go down the healthcare real estate path
  • Consumer preferences for healthcare locations during COVID
  • Aspects that set PRT apart from its competition
  • Criteria that PRT looks for in its investments
  • The best ways to enter different markets
  • Addressing ownership opportunities with physicians and other sellers
  • The largest single monetization of healthcare real estate in REIT history
  • Benefits of establishing a great company culture that is consistent with the company vision
  • How COVID has affected the future of healthcare real estate investing
  • Where healthcare policy and healthcare real estate meet and mix
  • Getting to know Dan beyond real estate investing
  • Raising children through a global pandemic

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