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EP32: Acutely Serving the Behavioral Health Needs of Mature Adults

It’s no secret that one of our country’s most vulnerable population is our geriatric one, but that goes well beyond physical ailments. Mental health is both the most lacking and most needing of support health issue in the US today. Trisha’s guest today is Natalie Lamberton, the CEO of Talas Harbor, a medical psych facility that provides acute psychiatric care to geriatric populations. Talas Harbor brings together healthcare professionals from many different disciplines in order to meet the behavioral and physical healthcare needs of their patients!

In this episode, we talk about…

  • What attracted Natalie to Talas Harbor
  • The background story of Talas Harbor and how it started
  • Practicing interdisciplinary healthcare to meet all the patients’ needs
  • Different conditions that Talas Harbor treats in their patients
  • What drove Talas Harbor to open a location in Bullhead City
  • How the pandemic is affecting the mental health of all age groups
  • Key factors that led Talas Harbor to open more facilities
  • Insurance support for stays at Talas Harbor facilities
  • What sets Talas Harbor apart from similar facilities
  • Family contact during and after  the stay of a loved one
  • Get to know Natalie before she became the CEO of Talas Harbor
  • Breaking down the complications with the American healthcare system
  • Patients that Talas Harbor can help

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