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EP30: Treating, Teaching and Healing Kids (Part 1 of 2)

Pediatricians are the first line of defense in the healthcare of children, and as we all know, children are the future. Trisha’s guest today is Dr. Kristin Struble from Camelback Pediatrics in Phoenix, Arizona. Camelback Pediatrics is the largest private pediatric practice in the Phoenix area. Dr. Struble holds a special interest in nutrition for children and you can find her nutritional insights in her book, How To Be a Poop Detective, in which she teaches children about the importance of the gut microbiome on their overall health!


In this episode, we talk about…

  • Motivations behind choosing Pediatrics as a specialty
  • Pediatrics is challenging but has the opportunity to be very rewarding
  • Dr. Struble’s areas of interest within Pediatrics
  • Starting points of treatment for children showing signs of GI discomfort
  • Digging into the roots of food sensitivities
  • Why Dr. Struble decided to write her book, How To Be a Poop Detective
  • Building in a solid nutritional education when children are still young
  • How the pandemic has affected the emotional growth of Dr. Struble’s patients

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