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EP26 - Increasing Healthspan One Starfish at a Time
(Part 2 of 2)

Healthcare in general is going to evolve post-pandemic, but where is it going? Trisha is back again for part 2 of her interview with Dr. David Perrine, Owner of Perrine Chiropractic Health Center. Dr. Perrine owns the real estate where he operates his private practice in Phoenix. Today, he’s here to talk about the future of healthcare and where functional medicine fits in!

In this episode, we talk about…

  • Dr. Perrine’s involvement in the CrossFit gym at his church
  • Workouts do more for people than just give them abs
  • COVID has presented an opportunity for people to live healthier lifestyles
  • Where healthcare is headed after COVID
  • When small lifestyle changes can make lifelong differences
  • Getting to know a little bit about Dr. Perrine’s life
  • One thing Dr. Perrine does every day for healthy self-care
  • Telemedicine’s role in the future of healthcare

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Dr. David Perrine: Perrine Chiropractic Health Center | Book | Blog

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