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EP23 -Resilience and Returns (Part 2)

Technology has helped to speed up the healthcare real estate acquisition process, but it’s still a grind all the same. Ben Reinberg, the CEO of Alliance Consolidated Group of Companies, is back in the house with Trisha for part 2 of his interview. Trisha and Ben continue their conversation on how ACGC continues to innovate in the field of healthcare real estate. It’s that ability to stay innovative that has allowed ACGC to see sustained success even as the world shifts around it!

In this episode, we talk about…

  • ACGC thinks outside the box by investing on the fringes of healthcare
  • Locations do not necessarily have to be near a hospital or campus
  • Reinvestment opportunities for physicians who sold the acquired properties
  • An investment story involving reinvestment into a property by a tenant
  • The people that Ben meets in the process bring their own interesting lives and stories
  • Healthcare real estate acquisition is a marathon business
  • Resilience and persistence are necessary to find success in this business
  • There are a plethora of factors that contribute to success, most important of all is self-belief
  • A high barrier of entry exists in the field of commercial real estate investing
  • The beginning of Ben’s commercial real estate career started with a boom
  • Looking into the future for Ben and ACGC
  • Ben has a full plate between wine, commercial real estate, and health
  • Problem-solving and listening are two essential abilities that great leaders possess

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Ben Reinberg, Founder and CEO of Alliance Consolidated Group of Companies

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