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EP22 -Resilience and Returns Part 1

There was a time before healthcare real estate was seen as a good investment when the risk was seen as great and only the resilient dared venture into this space. Trisha’s guest today is Ben Reinberg, the Founder and CEO of Alliance Consolidated Group of Companies. ACGC began purchasing medical properties during a time when it was seen as a risk because of the fact that no one knew where healthcare was going. What started as success in one sector of healthcare grew to a plethora of sectors, going to show that success breeds success!

In this episode, we talk about…

  • ACGC was established in 1995, beginning to acquire commercial real estate shortly after
  • The first healthcare real estate purchase that got ACGP into healthcare real estate
  • How ACGC looks at their approach has brought on a lot of success
  • The build-a-suit model is what got ACGC to where it is today
  • It’s all about adding value and helping the situation when ACGC decides to get involved
  • Factors that play a role when choosing locations for real estate purchases
  • Competing in California with high taxes and low cap rates
  • 10-15 years ago, foreign capital started to make an impact in the US
  • Playing just under the space of institutions
  • Breaking down what a good healthcare market looks like
  • How ACGC calculates and mitigates risk when bringing in new clients
  • Problems that Ben sees with investing in this industry

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Ben Reinberg, Founder and CEO of Alliance Consolidated Group of Companies

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