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Episode 21 - Pioneering Healthcare Delivery

Healthcare delivery has historically been very inefficient, but industry leaders are currently working to fix that. Trisha’s guest today is Dr. John Shufeeld, Founder of MeMD, a web-based virtual medical care provider that looks to make healthcare a more time and cost-efficient process for the patient. Before he founded MeMD, Dr. John founded a built NextCare, a nation-wide urgent-care-center company that worked with every sector of the healthcare industry in a customer-centric model. In the future, Dr. John hopes to pull the rest of healthcare in a direction that always puts the patient first!

In this episode, we talk about…

  • John saw the need for more cost-efficient healthcare years ago
  • After creating NextCare, there was still something missing
  • How virtual healthcare and brick-and-mortar healthcare support each other
  • Factors from the ER that inspired John to start NextCare
  • NextCare had to pitch to just about every sector of healthcare
  • Searching for the most efficient location for the patients
  • We need a more efficient behavioral healthcare model
  • AI can be used to make patient experiences much more efficient
  • Healthcare is very inefficient with time and money due to a lack of data
  • Dr. John’s medical motivation started at a young age
  • How a patient can start using MeMD today

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