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EP111 - Wealth Building with Healthcare Properties with David Mandell

Today’s episode we have a conversation with David Mandell, who is a partner at OJM Group. We discuss his wealth management firm, where the majority of his clientele are medical professionals because of the large incomes they have the potential to achieve. OJM has a primary emphasis on assisting customers in making plans for the future, guarding their assets from potential risks like malpractice and insurance claims, and developing wealth accumulation strategies.

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In this episode, we talk about…

[2:21] Background of OJM Group 

A portion of his professional life was spent practicing law. He and his colleague established a wealth management firm while they were still in college, and that’s exactly what OJM is: a wealth management company that specializes in collaborating with medical professionals.

[7:36] What David was doing with his law degree and how he fell into wealth management

He was in the JD/MBA program and received an MBA while attending school at UCLA. After nearly a decade of practicing law, he transitioned into tax and estate planning and then took on the position with OJM Group.

[8:46] How did David specifically get to focus on physicians?

His grandfather, father, and brother are all physicians. Even though he is not a physician himself, he has always had a natural propensity that has driven him toward working with doctors. In the course of his practice as a lawyer specializing in asset protection, he has written guides for doctors related to asset protection, taxes, and estate planning.

[11:06] Recommendations for generational wealth through real estate

Diversification and resource distribution are of the utmost importance. David and his team offer their full support to individuals who are interested in investing in real estate. OJM Group, however, only works with private real estate investment trusts (REITs) or real estate-based private equity agreements that place an emphasis on asset protection.

[14:12] Steps for doctors to purchase the building in which they practice

OJM Group seeks to ensure that everyone has access to a qualified advisor who can provide them with guidance on a local level. They are going to make it a priority to secure the assistance of an attorney in negotiating the contract. 

[24:22] David’s first job 

During high school, David’s first job consisted of picking up X-ray machines from a chiropractic practice and bringing them home so that his father could listen to the audio cassettes.

[24:49] David’s alternative career choice 

He would carry on his legal career in Los Angeles, working as a lawyer in the entertainment industry.

[25:14] What David listens to for inspiration 

He listens to Tim Ferriss, who has also written books such as The 4-Hour Work Week and The 4-Hour Body.

[25:59] What David does for healthy self-care 

David takes care of himself by working out and practicing meditation.

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