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EP108- Promoting Wellness and Preventing Chronic Illness

Today’s episode, I will be introducing Steven Kornweiss, MD who promotes performance, prevention and longevity. Listen in as we discuss where and how he treats his clients, enhance their current health and to prevent or avoid something chronic, acute, traumatic or fatal.

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In this episode, we talk about…

[2:35] Steve goes into detail how he was previously in emergency medicine and how he got to open up his private practice

Steve does both emergency medicine and has his own practice. During the course of his medical training, he had become interested in different fields. During his time during training and routing as a medical student, he was able to consume enough knowledge to realize the opportunity he wanted to pursue. His favorite phase of care is the acute and undifferentiated phase.  He, too, became interested in the way his metabolism functioned, exercise and nutrition which helped with the deciding factor of opening his practice. 

[7:17]  Steve explains what he does in terms of preventative care and functional medicine

Functional medicine is more geared towards people who are having symptoms of an illness. Unfortunately those who are attracted to functional medicine are not getting the answers as to what the actual cause of their problem is from a traditional medical practice. They are looking to get their answer solved. You tend to see an overlap between regular primary care or traditional medicine. 

[10:03] What his general patient profile is

In most cases who fit in most if not all categories but his general clients are between 30 and 60 years of age, who are interested in their health, who are motivated to do whatever it takes to live a longer and healthier life. 

[13:16]  The pillars in which someone can remain healthy 

The main pillars to live a healthy lifestyle and longevity are nutrition, sleep, exercise and stress management. The main goal is to assess the client’s health risks and to categorize the risks by magnitude and proximity.  Another goal is to move to the status of living a healthy lifestyle by taking the risks into consideration. 

[18:35] Thoughts on how processed foods impact your health 

The main problems with processed foods is one, typically processed foods have a hyper palatable meaning you are going to want to eat more of it because of the taste and this can be a hard habit to get out of; you are constantly going for these foods. If you can eliminate or reduce your processed food intake, you will see a massive difference in your body; lose weight, feel better, sleep better and improve your glycemic control. 

[22:44] Common pointers to promote longevity and good health 

A few visits to the doctor every year just for those general check-ups will not help the patient in the long run. Seeing your doctor more often is recommended if you are truly interested in that longevity. See a nutritionist, have your blood tested, follow screening guidelines, and educate yourself. 

[26:56] Who is Steve? Questions asked to get to know him and his background 

Steve began his career at Friendlies before he became an emergency physician. If he weren’t working in the healthcare field, he would be developing software. His inspiration comes from Peter Atea 

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