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EP114- A Discussion About the "Business" Side of Healthcare with Doctor Whisperer

Today’s episode is my interview on The Doctor Whisperer podcast with host Sharon Fekete.  Sharon consults with physicians on the business side of healthcare so they can focus on practicing medicine.  In this episode, we discuss physician-owned properties, how clinicians can own income-producing properties where they also have a practice, and how I help in this endeavor for practicing physicians.

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In this episode, we talk about…

[1:45] Trisha’s background 

Trisha started out at an in-house leasing department at a developer that focused on medical office buildings. From there, she transitioned to third party brokerage and then started in investment sales. She helps physician owners when they want to sell their properties, as well as with cleaning the property up and getting it on the market so they get paid what the property is worth.

[3:56] How Trisha helps with healthcare real estate investment

Investors are already practicing physicians who deal with a steady flow of patients throughout the day. Calls and emails may go unanswered if they are not available, and the people they have to talk to about their real estate are usually available during the day from 8:00-5:00. This is where Trisha comes in, so that they don’t have to do this “part-time” job after a long day seeing patients. In addition, Trisha ensures that they have all the information they need to make informed decisions about their properties.

[12:21] How the pandemic has affected healthcare building standards and trends

Despite the pandemic’s onset, interest in healthcare-related real estate has been steady. About 95% of rents were paid on time, because a lot of medical practices qualified for the PPP loans. The value of medical office real estate to the investment community is that it continues to be demand-driven and mission-critical. While telehealth options have been beneficial, they are not likely to replace in-office visits.

As new buildings come out of the ground, there may be new considerations such as touchless options, cleanliness, and efficiency. It will, however, come at a cost. Older buildings will either have to retrofit, or they will charge less rent. People who want cheap rent will then have to go to older buildings, while cancer and dialysis patients will likely need to be in newer buildings due to their compromised immune systems.

[18:47] Balancing the right location with the price of investment properties

A good tenant mix is just as vital as a good pricing, as building a tenant mix that supports each other is incredibly important. There are several factors involved, including the insurance the practice takes and whether they get reimbursed through Medicare and Medicaid. The budget for your office space comes out of the total overhead you have budgeted for a certain practice. An additional factor is the available inventory, and whether the practice wants to be near certain tenants or has a certain location in mind.

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