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Episode 12: East Meets West for Primary Care

Doctors do what they do because they love patient care and are passionate about helping others. This pandemic doesn’t change that. Trisha’s guest today is Dr. Miriam Levering, a Family Nurse Practitioner from The Healing House in Scottsdale, Arizona. At The Healing House, patients are able to benefit from both western and holistic healing practices. Miriam hopes to provide a one-stop-shop for her patients to receive all available treatments in order to live a comfortable and healthy lifestyle!

In this episode, we talk about…

  • Battling the ongoing pandemic while keeping patients safe
  • Looking at the whole system from both eastern and western medicine
  • Try holistic healing before turning to drugs
  • The positive unattended consequences of the current global pandemic
  • Recommendations to stay healthy on the road and at home
  • How a membership model can give you the coverage that you need
  • Daily habits to stay healthy and avoid the poison

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Dr. Miriam Levering, The Healing House
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