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EP40 - Cultivating Innovation to Develop, Manage and Invest in Healthcare Properties with Ben Ochs- Part (2 of 2)

Trisha continues her conversation with Ben Ochs, CEO of Anchor Health Properties, a national, full-service development and management company devoted exclusively to the development of medical facilities. Last week, Ben provided the background of the company and the story behind a couple of recent projects and what Anchor Health looks for in an opportunity. This week, Ben discusses how Anchor addressed the pandemic’s effects on its tenants, how healthcare companies are designing future spaces with flexibility in mind, and how practices can use their healthcare real estate to elevate their brands and become patient-centric.

In this episode, we talk about…

  • [02:14] Where Ben sees Anchor Health in the next three to five years
  • [04:22] How the pandemic has affected the company and lessons learned from it
  • [10:59] How the pandemic will impact the future of healthcare real estate
  • [12:57] The new trend of facilities shifting from a “clinical” to an “experiential” setting
  • [16:18] Ben’s first job
  • [18:49] What Ben would do for a living outside the healthcare real estate industry
  • [21:08] What Ben is reading or listening to for news, information, or inspiration
  • [23:32] One thing Ben does every day for healthy self-care
  • [24:32] Are leaders born or are they trained?

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