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EP39 - Cultivating Innovation to Develop, Manage and Invest in Healthcare Properties with Ben Ochs Part (1 of 2)

Trisha’s guest today is Ben Ochs, CEO of Anchor Health Properties, a national, full-service development and management company devoted exclusively to the development of medical facilities. Listen in as Ben provides the background of the company and the story behind a couple of recent projects and what Anchor Health looks for in an opportunity.

In this episode, we talk about…

  • [02:17] Ben’s professional background and role at Anchor Health Properties
  • [08:47] Anchor’s approach to capital investment
  • [10:49] Why Ben felt that healthcare real estate is his calling
  • [14:42] How Anchor aims to help healthcare companies serve more patients better
  • [17:27] Anchor’s collaboration with Metro Health to build a behavioral health hospital
  • [20:01] Anchor’s repurposing and renovation of the Roseville Clinic at UC Davis
  • [22:24] What Anchor looks for in an opportunity

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Ben Ochs: Anchor Health Properties | LinkedIn

Good to Great (book)

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