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Episode 17: Bringing Buildings Back to Life

Now more than ever, business leaders need to be innovative in how to move into an uncertain future, but some leaders have been doing that for years. Trisha’s guest today is the CEO of Centum Health Properties, James Turpen. Back in 2009, James stopped guessing what the market was going to do and started preparing himself for what could happen. Centum has been able to streamline the design and construction processes while also managing the properties in a vertically integrated system!

In this episode, we talk about…

  • James founded Centum Health Properties as a vertically integrated company
  • Creating sustainability in a time when the ground seems to be shifting constantly
  • How Centum got its start as a property management and construction company
  • Acquiring assets with smaller partners
  • Vertical management keeps things organized and operating costs low
  • There are significant differences and similarities between Colorado and Arizona
  • What drew Centum to the most recent purchase in Arizona
  • The goal for a basic program with a tenant
  • How current tenants have been reacting to new designs

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James Turpen, CEO of Centum Health Properties

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