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Episode 18 - Bringing Buildings Back to Life (Part 2)

No one enjoys sitting through a renovation, but boy, do those blueprints make things exciting! In Part 2 of Trisha’s interview with James Turpen, CEO of Centum Health Properties, Trisha and James discuss Centum’s recent $5M renovation of a medical office building. James shares all about the process, different challenges that they faced, and Centum’s ability to service those in the healthcare industry. Renovating a building with existing tenants sure makes things interesting, but Centum found a way to make it a success!

In this episode, we talk about…

  • Working on-campus vs. working off-campus
  • Getting into joint-ventures with the providers that want ownership
  • The vision behind the renovation of the Edwards building
  • Existing tenants were excited about the potential of the renovation
  • Bringing in new tenants by making things more modernized
  • Future healthcare real estate opportunities in a global pandemic
  • Adaptations in healthcare real estate during COVID
  • Rapid-fire questions with James Turpen
  • Ideal properties that Centum Health looks to acquire

Links to resources:

White Fragility
James Turpen, CEO of Centum Health Properties

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1 thought on “EP18 – Bringing Buildings Back to Life – (Part 2 of 2)”

  1. I enjoyed James Turpen’s 2-part podcast. He is a thoughtful businessman and breathes new life into properties to lift the neighborhood in a big way.

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