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Episode 16: A Physician Owners Path to Advocating Sleep Health and Hygiene

A doctor’s mission should be patient-focused; it’s as simple as that! Trisha’s guest today is Dr. Troy Anderson, a neurologist who specializes in sleep medicine. Troy’s practice, Phoenix Neurology and Sleep Medicine, now has 5 locations in the Phoenix area. When he began his business, he sought out real estate that would allow him to best serve his patients, and grew to the point where he invests in his own real estate.

In this episode, we talk about…

  • Dr. Troy’s unique journey that led him to sleep medicine
  • The categories of patients that seek out help with their sleep
  • How COVID has affected the field of sleep medicine
  • Importance of routine and lifestyle habits when treating sleep disorders
  • Innovations in the treatments to treat sleep disorders
  • Stressors and motivators that drive Dr. Troy to improve in his practice
  • Deciding where to purchase real estate based off of where the needs are

Links to resources:
Rick Warren
Fox News
Wall Street Journal
Dr. Troy Anderson, Phoenix Neurology and Sleep Medicine

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